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Our Policy Intent – the New Zealand TEA Party.

TEA Party policy statements are written to reflect the values, vision and ambitions of the New Zealand TEA Party Caucus and our members. We are passionate in our desire to support Migrants and Marginalised New Zealand Communities and Citizens. We seek to provide a shared-voice for our members and wider society that will lead to better economic and social outcomes for all New Zealanders. To give voice to those who feel marginalised in New Zealand society is to create a sense of belonging and faith in the future. We believe such faith will yield great opportunities and confidence for all people to contribute new and unique talents and knowledge, and to founding a more inclusive society, a shared vision and improved social and business outcomes that will ultimately lead to a more enriched and flourishing New Zealand Society and Healthy Economy.

New Zealand TEA Party (TEA Party) POLICY
As at 25 August 2020



  • TEA Party promote that every migrant should have a clear pathway available to access and enjoy the same benefits and rights as enjoyed by all New Zealand Citizens. TEA Party is a platform for all migrants to work together to improve social and economic outcomes.
    TEA Party will speak out for Migrants and Marginalised Communities and Individuals irrespective of country of origin or ethnicities.
    TEA Party support the concept of “Family Reunion” including considering to allow parents a residency visa with the following conditions:

    • Sponsor’s individual annual income not less than individual $80,000 or $130,000 combined income with spouse at the time of application.
    • A comprehensive Personal Medical Insurance policy must be in place for all Applicants and Parents for at least 15 years.
    • A bond of $100,000 is to paid to encourage compliance and is fully refundable after five years.
  • TEA Party promote the issuing of a Visa’s for ‘spouses’ in approved marriages. A 30 months “Transitional Visa” can be issued for successful applicants meeting the following conditions:
    • Payment of bond (Amount to be determined) refundable after resident visa approved.
    • Proof of a clean and unencumbered criminal record including full police report.
    • Medical health report.
    • Documentation proof that the marriage is genuine.
    • A permanent resident visa can be applied for at the end of a 24 Month period.
  • TEA Party oppose extension of current minimum residency period for superannuation, as being unfair to many residents who have been living in New Zealand for many years.
  • TEA Party seek to increase the opportunity for intake of business-based immigration by application. Set a minimum immigration investment of $2 million as a direct business investment and at least three years providing a minimum number of agreed full time employment opportunities for resident New Zealanders.
  • TEA Party will help solve the teacher shortage problems for early childhood through to high school levels, by ensuring qualified teachers are welcomed to apply as skilled migrants. Those with 5 years teaching experience in their home country and with a New Zealand equivalent qualification can apply for permanent residency after three years in the industry. Those without the above experience and qualification can go through an extended New Zealand based application process (suggesting five years) working in a recognised teaching facility and aligned to NZ Educational institutes to gain qualifications. Standard New Zealand teacher qualifications processes and vetting will be applicable.


  • TEA Party support the medicinal cannabis industry and prescription of CBD products.
    TEA Party oppose the Normalisation and relaxation of Laws that allow the introduction of recreational cannabis consumption. TEA Party oppose the current referendum legislation in its current form as we believe this can lead to worsening health outcomes both physical and
    in mental health and lead to ongoing unwanted social issues. All of which can burden public health systems and increase law enforcement costs.
  • TEA Party demand more funding be allocated to upgrade and modernize current medical facilities. Current facilities are inadequate to cope with the increased demand for health services and elective surgery. Elective surgery wait lists are currently unacceptable while leading to personal and financial suffering due to loss of productivity in society and business.
  • TEA Party support an increase in wages for nurses and frontline health workers to encourage more people to enter this industry and reward their valued skills.


  • TEA Party are against all forms of capital gains tax. Current tax laws for trading and speculation are sufficient and effective.
  • TEA Party support Tax Rebates, Tax Breaks and introduction of more ‘incentives’ for self-employed Tax Payers and Small Business development.
  • TEA Party support the comprehensive review of GST rates – especially where applied to food and essential household items.
  • TEA Party support and encourage more bilateral Trading with Pacific Island countries and the signing of a ‘Free Trade Agreement’ with all these countries.
  • TEA Party support development of New Zealand into a regional value-added economic hub centred on developing established and new resources including Technology, Primary Produce, Agriculture and Seafood. Including to encourage trading in goods supplied by Pacific Island countries where we as a country can add value for all.
  • TEA Party support the promotion and fast-tracking of foreign investments to help with the set-up of research centres and local industry. Investment criteria includes providing employment and career path opportunities for New Zealanders, focus on development of increased export trades and investments that directly and indirectly help the economies of New Zealand and our neighbouring Island Nations in unison and with shared vision.
  • TEA Party seek to speed up and finalise Free Trade Agreement negotiations with India to encourage and promote direct bilateral trade in this significant marketplace.
  • TEA Party seek to diversify New Zealand’s reliability on current International markets and trading partners. To this end the TEA Party will promote the growth of trade agreements in other specifically targeted, large global jurisdictions and marketplaces.
  • TEA Party will continue to promote New Zealand as a Regional gateway and hub for supply of value-added New Zealand (and Pacific) Goods and Services to supply the significant and important domestic markets of Southeast Asia and South America.
  • TEA Party will make of traditional and business connections available from New Zealand-based Migrants who can effectively apply their knowledge and connections to implement business and market development in their familiar countries and trading environments.
  • TEA Party support a comprehensive review of New Zealand’s’ International and local supply chains to create greater assurance and security over vital supply chains into New Zealand, with increased opportunity for value-added exports and to establishment of a self-sufficient national economy.

NOTE: TEA Party recognise the need for development of Bilateral Treaties and Trading Agreements so that New Zealand has a more stable and negotiable global marketplace that will enhance the growth and returns on our Nations primary goods, technology, commodities and other exports.


  • Due to Covid-19 outbreak, many universities in United States and Europe have become less attractive for many foreign students with more Online courses becoming a new trend. TEA Party encourage local Universities to partner with the Worlds’ top 20 universities to provide
    Online accredited degrees and diploma courses. With the option of first few years’ study in their own country and last academic year in New Zealand.
  • International students are one of the biggest sources of export income for New Zealand. TEA Party support the New Zealand border to be opened progressively to students from all countries that have Covid-19 situation under control, and can prove as covid-free before travel and /or already have vaccines in place and in use; on condition that all border controls and health check systems and procedures are well in place in New Zealand prior to accepting their safe arrival.


  • TEA Party will set up a Triangle Tourism Partnership (TTP) with Australia and Singapore when Covid-19 situation is under control to encourage and promote tourism within these three countries. The partnership covers all aspects of tourism components including airline, hotel, restaurant, sight-seeing, tour operators, transport etc. TEA Party see this as a strong win-win economic cooperation built on the back of well managed systems for travel and accommodation and effective management plan for health and economic outcomes.
  • These three TTP countries are chosen to start due to existing economic relationships and strong managed health systems, strict border controls, equitable currency values, language access, geographical location and traditional ties.
  • A similar trading and cooperation model can be expanded to other countries or cities after this TTP is successfully implemented.


  • TEA Party acknowledge the many communities and businesses that continue to suffer unnecessarily from increasing break-ins, thefts, fraud and aggravated robberies. TEA Party support the need for restorative justice and effective sentencing that will serve to deter more people from committing these crimes and help to rehabilitate those in that are in need.
  • TEA Party support the call to undertake deeper discussion and reviews and provide increased safety and protection for all vulnerable communities, individuals and families.
  • TEA Party vow to work to keep communities and businesses safe with more frontline police to be employed and also to increase police salaries and benefits to encourage and attract more upstanding people to join the law enforcement profession.


  • TEA Party will establish an inquisitorial as opposed to adversarial legal platform giving families greater access to justice. How?
  • TEA Party will apply the McKenzie Friend (recognized statutory tool) as official support for families undergoing legal and court proceedings, establishing an inquisitorial family tribunal without lawyers and judges, facilitating win-win dispute resolutions through implementing
    the ‘happy family-apart’ solution.
  • By respecting traditional family values, while appreciating modern-family values, TEA Party seek to restore the accountability of parents, reducing the number of people on the dole and homelessness.
  • TEA Party will use an ‘incentive’ for the enrolled unemployed to safely return to the workforce or set up micro-businesses that could eventually take them off social welfare, increasing the cap (currently $80 per week) for additional income on top of the benefit.


  • TEA Party emphasize the importance of human resources, recognising that everybody has his or her own skills and strengths that can be developed and utilized in a growing, caring and healthy-minded society.
  • TEA Party condemn discrimination, we condemn poor working conditions and forced labour.
  • TEA Party promote equal opportunity and a fair living wage for all.
  • TEA Party continue to increase publicity promoting the clean image of New Zealand to attract global leading industries and leaders to invest and set up new businesses in this country. Our objective is in providing more employment opportunities for New Zealand citizens and allow everyone to find opportunities to explore their true entrepreneurial potential, fair and equitable social status and a means to contribute their talents.


  • TEA Party will set up a “Youth Entrepreneur Package” (YEP) to provide start-up funding of up to $30,000 for any viable innovative business plan or innovative commercial project submitted by Youth Entrepreneurs and Graduates up to Age 25. The YEP plan and proposal will be run in a similar way that Creative New Zealand provides project development funds to Creative initiatives that require seed funding to materialise and grow.
  • The approval of grants by YEP will be reviewed and checked by an appointed board of directors, and if shortlisted, an applicant will be interviewed and recommendations for funding will be made on a case by case basis from that. There will be a limited amount of
    seed funds available annually.
  • By selecting carefully from Youth Applications The TEA Party hope to establish a more ‘direct pathway’ for young entrepreneurs to express their talents and develop new business ideas which contribute to personal growth and to the overall health of the New Zealand Economy.


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, TEA Party focus will be on assisting families and individuals who may be struggling financially to afford essential goods and services and to live their daily lives. Further economic relief will focus on helping small and medium enterprises to manage financially and plan with confidence through demanding times.

  • Family Assistance
    Every family will receive bulk sum of money as a direct family assistance benefit every month. This amount will be tax free and payable at a rate and for a set period according to Health and Economic conditions prevailing at the time. The target family rate is likely to be somewhere between $750 and $1500 per month per family. Family includes ‘partners in marriage’, ‘civil union’ or proven de facto relationships’ either with or without children under the age of 18.
  • Individual Assistance
    Every single person aged 18 and above will be eligible to apply for a sum of up to $500 tax free each month for a set period according to Health and Economic conditions prevailing at the time. This assistance is on top of any existing student allowance or unemployment benefit.
  • Small & Medium Business Assistance
    Every small and medium business employing not more than 30 workers will receive a sum of money each month relative to their total number of current full-time employees – this assistance will be available for a set period according to Health and Economic conditions prevailing at the time. The actual amounts of payments to Families, Individuals and businesses will be made in consultation and agreement with our TEA Party Economic Advisers and Government Partners at the time of actioning.


TEA Party fully engage with the need for urgent Review, Protection and Development of vital Supply Chains into (and out of) New Zealand. We have seen our Supply Chains come under increasing pressure in recent times – particularly in effect from the current global Pandemic. Our incentive is therefor to support the development and incentives for localised industry to invest in local manufacture and security of supply; resulting also in creation of local jobs; and contributing to building of new skills and expertise in areas where they are most needed.

  • TEA Party supports a need for “Comprehensive review” of New Zealand’s’ International supply chains.
  • TEA Party promote the need for development of a “Strategic Plan” for reaching status as a self-sufficient country.
  • TEA Party supports introduction of new “measures” and “Govt support” to create “Assurance” and “Security” over our supply chains.
  • TEA Party supports the introduction of Govt incentives to “bring back” manufacturing to New Zealand.
  • TEA Party supports a range of Government Assisted Professional and Industrial Training to fill these jobs locally (GAP Training Schemes).
Policy Statement End – 25 August 2020
Authorised by Winson Tan, TEA Party Secretary. 16H 76 Albert Street, Auckland CBD


Authorised by Winson Tan,
16H, 76 Albert Street,
Auckland CBD, Auckland


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