Who we are

TEA stands for Taxpayers and Entrepreneurs Alliance. TEA Party has a vision of community where all are included to sit around the table for tea and negotiate their fair share.

TEA Party has been founded by community oriented, migrant friendly, taxpayer and entrepreneur minded non-career politicians to target the center ground of the political landscape, contesting the queen- or kingmaker position in the 2020 general elections and form a coalition with the largest parliamentary party, bringing about the positive change Aotearoa so badly needs.

About Us

The board and members consist of various ethnicities and various age groups.

TEA Party is designed as –

  • Socially democratic;
  • Culturally diversified; and
  • Fiscally conservative.

TEA Party has adopted the role of guardian against racism by anyone inside or outside of government who would use racism and fear to gain political power; and will seek to replace racist politicians with fair-minded community members.

Our Principles

  • We support the use of medicinal drugs but oppose all forms of drug abuse and drugs for recreational purposes.
  • We support and promote quality migration including family reunion upon meeting certain conditions.
  • We support all effort to lift people out of poverty and reduce the number of people on the dole or benefit.
  • We support and promote tax rebates and tax incentives to middle-class working and self-employed taxpayers.
  • We support and promote the growth of sustainable economic development and encourage international trade.
  • We support more funding to the education and health sectors including teachers, healthcare workers and nurses.
  • We promote an environment and society without fear for safety and abuse, protecting the rights of victims.

The Team


John Hong


2020 Visionary Leader New Zealand
2019 Auckland Mayoral Candidate


Brett Killip


Marketing Communications Adviser. Entrepreneur.

Founder of Phase3 Strategic Creative™ indepthskincare™ Applause Online™


Winson Tan

Secretary General

Construction & Project Development; Trustee for Drikung Kagyu Vajra Charitable Trust



Noel Jiang

Committee Member

Co-founder of Kiddie Garden Learning Corner and champion of early childhood education


Dominic Hoffman Dervan

Committee Member

Global Logistics Advisor & Youth Politics Guru


Gavin Lui

Committee Member




Wella Rangel

Committee Member

Entrepreneur and female Empowerment Advocate

New Zealand TEA Party Branches


Frank Amoah

Wellington Office

Director, New Zealand African Welfare Service Trust

Auckland Branch offices:

  • Central City Office
  • North Shore Office
  • West Auckland Office
  • East Auckland Office
  • South Auckland Office

North Island Branch Offices:

  • Hamilton Office
  • Rotorua Office
  • Taupo Office
  • Hawkes Bay Office
  • Palmerston North
  • Tauranga Office

South Island Branch Offices:

  • Christchurch Office
  • Dunedin Office
  • Queenstown Office


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Auckland CBD, Auckland


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